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I help ambitious entrepreneurs work on their business and sales strategy to improve their business and increase their sales revenue.

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Featured Tolani Thomas
Featured Tolani Thomas
Featured Tolani Thomas

I inspire people to be their best selves and show them what is possible with what they already have.

I am a Business Development Consultant, Entrepreneur, and the Principal Consultant at Halisi Consulting Company, a business development consulting agency based in Lagos, Nigeria.

With over 9 years of strategic marketing experience in tech, media and oil & gas industries, I have focused my career on building startups and working with growing businesses to create effective strategies that lead to sales for several companies.


I have consulted for clients in media, healthcare, tech, education, real estate, oil and gas, beauty, hospitality, and charity. Asides my active and varied business interests, I passionate about volunteering, music, literature, fitness, flexing and living a well-rounded life.


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1 on 1 Consultation

This service involves a focused consultation session on the key problem areas of your business and mapping out an action plan to take your business to the next level.

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My Course would help you map out how to start your business with different resources ranging from business plan to business registration and social media strategy.

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This is a month long consultation for a 30-day turnaround change in your business, forcing on each part of your business.

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The business consultation is a strategic overview of your business’s current standpoint and how to improve on each part. We’d focus on your major pain points and develop actionable strategies to improve them
You and I would develop strategies you can use to successfully improve your sales strategy, during the consultation.

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